Great Burgers in the greater Houston area!

Great Burgers in Houston

There is always a right time for really good, juicy, hot, cheesy handful of goodness called a “burger”!  We all have our favorite “go to” places for our personal “burger fix’.

Houston has some really good burgers that are hand spanked and fresh ground. Even though I have been know to be lured by a certain fast food burger delight that uses a lot of the color orange on their buildings (Texas Based), I have to say it is only because I am not close to one of my favorites.

Yes, I know it’s fresh, never frozen meat, but it is not “hand spanked”.  That said, on to my favorites…

Steven’s Favorites….

 Tookies in Kemah! – After hurricane Ike, Tookies was purchased by the owner of T-Bone Toms in Kemah and was moved to Kemah.  It is the same great recipes and taste,  only higher…in elevation!  It is also about a mile closer to my home and on the south side of the Kemah Bridge.  You have to try the onion rings but ask for a combo of big and thin.  See which you like best.  As far as the burger to order, Uh um, I’ll have one of everything! Seriously, try the traditional burger the way you like it.  My favorite is the #99’r. They have some good “different” styles but a hard core burger lover knows what they want!  Also, try the Pelican Eggs.  My crew loves them!

Hub Cap Grill in The Heights – 1133 W 19th St, or multiple other locations!  This is “Burger Heaven”.  Seriously, it is “just take a bite and your eyes roll back into your brain it is soooo good”.  Good fries, burger toppings and more.