In 1996, I was taken to Perry’s Restaurant in Clear Lake, Texas for the first time.  Since then, I have eaten lunch and dinner there at least 500 times over the last 23 years.

I have had every appetizer, most every main course and every desert. I consider myself a Perry’s  fan and loyal customer.

I have eaten at 8 different locations and I absolutely love the food and the excellent service.

Perry's RestaurantsSome of my favorite’s are Fried Asparagus, Cherry Pepper Calamari, warm spinach salad, pear salad, Chicken Bryan. famous Pork Chop and the Rib Eye steak.  Their flaming deserts are fun to watch as they prepare them table side and are all delicious.

Chris and his team have gotten better over the years.  I strongly recommend them for party’s and special events.