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Houston Restaurants dining guide provides you with a listing of the better restaurants in the greater Houston area. From Galveston to Katy, The Woodlands to Pearland and Kemah to Sugar Land, Houston has many great restaurants to choose from. Have fun and enjoy! Feel free to review your favorite restaurants as well.

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Lorenzo’s opens in downtown Houston!

Lorenzo’s opens in downtown Houston!

New Lorenzo’s in Downtown

The Laurenzo family has opened a second Laurenzo’s  located in the former Republic Smokehouse space at 1910 Bagby in Midtown.

“We weren’t looking but it was just one of those things that fell into our lap,” said Domenic Laurenzo.  This is the same restaurant group that owns the popular El Tiempo Cantina restaurants and Laurenzo’s on Washington.

Houston’s best Chicken Fried Steak…not where I expected!

Houston’s best Chicken Fried Steak…not where I expected!

The Best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas!

Since the late 70’s, I have been searching for the best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas.  I have been from El Paso to Amarillo, Texarkana to Brownsville and all points in between.

There was a chain in the late 70’s in East Texas (Longview) called Claim Jumpers.  Hands down, they had the best.  It was like eating Colonel Sanders meets Prime Beef.  Unfortunately, after opening stores all over east Texas, their accountant ran off with all the money and they had to close.  I would pay good money for their recipe but all the ex-employees and managers were very tight lipped.

chickenfriedsteakRecently, I was visiting with Abbas and Chef Alberto Baffoni at Bestecca in the late morning.  They shared with me their lunch menu now includes a Chicken Friend Steak.  I had to try it!  (Chef Baffoni is a genius, not to mention a world class chef.)

I hope your sitting down!!   The Best Chicken Fried steak I have had in 50 years is now in Houston!!!!  I kid you not!  It is available during lunch at Bistecca at 224 Westheimer.  This incredible lunch is $19.95 and includes mashed potatoes, cream gravy and green beans.  Chef uses a very flavorful, seasoned, thin sliced rib-eye.  His crust is incredible.  No beaten round steak allowed!

So, go, visit, taste and let me know what you think.  I know you too will be a believer!



Wonderful Dining Experience at Bistecca

Wonderful Dining Experience at Bistecca


This past Saturday evening, we decided to try Bistecca Houston at 224 Westheimer in Montrose.  We were joined with good friends, one being a vegetarian.

boneinWhat an evening of fine dining!  The ambiance was inviting and exciting.  The piano music set a mood for enjoying a good meal and great conversation.   After visits from the waiter, manager and bread server, we were ready to order our evening meal.

Having been told on good authority, I tried the Lobster Bisque, the tomato salad and a bone-in rib-eye cooked to perfection.  My wife had the arugula salad and Sea Bass.  Our guest ordered wedge salads, Rib-eye steak and, the vegetarian in our group ordered Parmesan Baked Sweet potato Gnocchi, creamed spinach and potato’s au gratin.

Everything was perfect. I could not help but close my eyes as I tasted my wife’s Sea Bass.  What an exceptional dish, not that my rib-eye was not full of flavor as well.

chefWe capped off the meal with a new favorite, Bistecca cheese cake.  Unlike most cheese cakes, this is made from homemade cheese and has a unique, light and flavorful taste.  Don’t get me wrong, I love New York style cheesecake but this is on a different scale and level.  “Incredible” is not suffice.  Coffee to close out and kick back to great piano tunes from years gone by.

I strongly recommend Bistecca for many reasons but Chef Alberto’s creations are an experience to enjoy.  The attentive wait staff and support personnel rivals the best available.  Big thumbs up!  Way Up!


Houston Restaurant has upgraded software

Houston Restaurant has upgraded software

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